Meet the Confined 14 Award Winners

The Confined 14 exhibition is live now. Each year, a series of awards are presented. Click the award-winning artist’s name to see their works in stock.

Dennis Thorpe Awards (Marc Family) – $500 each, two awards. This is a monetary award for In-Community artists who have made a significant connection and contribution to The Torch program and to their art practice over the past 12 months.
Thomas Marks
Peter Thurlow

Melbourne Rd Art & Canvas Stretching Awards – $250 each, three awards for In-Community artists. This is a monetary award for overall excellence in art practice.
Sonia Singh
Daniel Church
Michael Morgan

The Torch 3D Acquisitive Award
Alfred Carter

The G4S Acquisitive Award
Melissa Bell

The Lechte Connection to Culture Acquisitive Award
Jeffrey Jackson