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We ask that you join the fight to reduce First Nations incarceration rates by donating to The Torch today.




The Torch has been delivering the Indigenous Arts in Prisons and Community Program for almost 12 years.

Designed in partnership with Elders and First Nations people in prison, the Program provides a vital connection to culture and community for First Nations people in prisons across Victoria; it supports participants to explore and develop their art and culture and tell their stories, in their own voices, in their own styles; it also provides life-changing financial self-determination for First Nations people as they transition back into community.

Participants confirm that being part of the program has helped them stay out of the justice system, with less than 20% of participants who stay connected to the program for 1 year post-release returning to prison compared to the average Indigenous recidivism rate of 60%.

Artists from our program, with support from the Torch, have been driving and creating significant change in a complex area of great concern for over a decade. But the growth of the program is always one step ahead of the growth of our financial resources.

Each year, it now costs us over $50,000 to supply quality art materials to our post release participants, $60,000 to develop and distribute cultural resource booklets, in 2024 we are in need of an additional First Nations Arts Officer to provide invaluable one-on-one mentoring to our artists.

Your donation will enable The Torch program to grow in line with the participant numbers, to continue the impacts it has on so many lives, to support First Nations artists create the art that you love so much, and create the change in incarceration numbers so urgently required.

Every little bit counts, so please dig deep and donate today to be part of the movement that is creating significant and measurable change for First Nations people.