Daniel JC Darug people

Daniel was born in Liverpool in New South Wales, on Darug Country, where his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and his ancestors were also born. He is currently pursuing his creative arts practice on Gunaikurnai Country in Gippsland, Victoria.

His creative practice includes woodcarving, sculpting in timber, and painting using acrylics on canvas. Daniel’s wooden artworks include full-size archways, timber birds, furniture pieces, shields and walking sticks. He transfers onto wood the images, symbols, and stories that he’s seen carved on stone in Darug Country. For Daniel, carving is about passing down the songlines and about cultural sharing.

Daniel’s artworks reflect stories of his Country along the Dyarubbin (the Hawkesbury River) or are tributes to the Country of the Gunaikurnai where he resides. Following the art practices of his ancestors brings him peace and keeps him connected to culture which gives his life meaning and purpose.

In his bird paintings and sculptures, Daniel expresses “on every feather how deep our culture flows through our hearts and souls”. A sculpture of his totem, the Brahminy Kite, won the Lechte Corporation Acquisitive Award at Confined 12 in 2021.