We’ve made some changes to our pricing structure for paintings

From 7th February you will have the choice of purchasing a painting from The Torch online shop either as a flat canvas or stretched and ready-to-hang.

Most of the paintings that The Torch sells on behalf of the artists in our program we receive as flat canvases. Each painting is priced by our Art Team as a flat canvas, based on a price range set by the artist, and 100% of that price goes to the artist when the painting sells.

The cost of stretching the paintings onto a wooden frame, so that they are ready-to-hang, has been absorbed by The Torch since 2011. However, the quantity of paintings now being sold means that, as a not-for-profit organisation, we can no longer continue to cover this cost.

Just three years ago, in 2019, 389 paintings were sold through The Torch. Last year, the number was 1,210.

This increase in painting sales of over 300% in three years is fantastic for the artists in our program, and we thank you so much for your support, but it also means that the cost of supplying paintings ready-to-hang has increased at a similar rate.

Next time you buy a painting online from The Torch shop, the price of the artwork shown will be for the flat canvas. 100% of the price you pay for the flat canvas will be paid to the artist.

When you click into the artwork you will then have the choice to add the cost of stretching so that the painting is supplied to you ready-to-hang. The cost to you will be the same as the cost to us, a very competitive rate from our long-time suppliers and supporters, Melbourne Rd Art & Canvas Stretching.

If you purchase a painting at one of our exhibitions in future, where paintings are exhibited ready-to-hang, the price of a painting will include the cost of stretching. 100% of the artwork price, set before the stretching cost is added, will continue to be paid to the artist.

We thank the B B & A Miller Foundation for their generous support in funding the website development that will make these changes possible.