Artist Bio: Graham Gilbert

Graham Gilbert (Gil) is a Wiradjuri man with connections to central New South Wales. Gil grew up on Wiradjuri land in the country town of Condolbolin.

His totem is the goanna (griiawaa), an animal he has dreamt about since he was a young boy and to which he maintains a strong connection to today.

Click Gil’s ‘Manta Rays’ pic above for more info

Gil’s paintings feature a broad range of native Australian animals. His paintings reflect the connection of animals to their landscapes and often reference the hunter and gatherer lifestyle lived by his ancestors.

“The manta rays are playing in the low tide with the water rippling around them. Before travelling on, they will feed and find a deeper water.”

Gil is a self-taught, colour blind artist that is inspired by the late Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. He lives in Victoria with a committed art practice and continues to express his culture through his artwork.

“The Quinkin is a powerful spirit that lurks in dark places and caves and only emerges during the night so as not to be seen by the local tribesmen.

This Quinkin is a protector of children.

They don’t like children to be taken away from their tribes.”

Gil has been in The Torch program since 2012. He has created and sold over 70 artworks in that time, and has won the Melbourne Rd Art Supplies & Canvas Stretching Award in 2018, and the Dennis Thorpe Award in 2019.

He has also been involved in many projects with The Torch, including the Melbourne Assessment Prison Mural as part of a team, and the Dandenong Mural (feature image) individually.

He has just one artwork for sale currently and it is outstanding, view ‘Manta Rays’ in his profile to find out more and to purchase it online.