Artist Insights: Trevor

Trevor is a proud Barkindji man and has been a participant in The Torch program since he signed up in 2014.

My people are river people who have traditionally lived and hunted fish, turtles, yabbies and clams along the Baarka (Darling River) for many thousands of years. We are the direct descendants of Mungo Man and Mungo Woman who lived in the region some forty thousand years ago. We are better known in today’s society as Darling River people.

He has been part of The Torch’s post-release program since his release, and is looking to continue his successful art practice outside of prison.

Trevor’s work has been extremely popular over the years. He is one of the most successful artists to have joined The Torch. Since joining in 2014, he has sold an incredible 54 artworks and licensed his sold work a further six times. His art practice includes a mix of painting on canvas and emu eggs, making necklaces and pokerwork on kangaroo skin.

In my culture, family and community is everything, stronger than any other relationship. Through my paintings I feel more connected to my people and the Baarka River Country in both a contemporary sense and with my ancestors. My painting allows me to tell the stories and the folklores passed down through the generations into present day society.

He has submitted his work for the upcoming Confined 12 exhibition, titled ‘Barkindji Country in the Dreaming’. It is an outstanding piece of work and will be available to view and purchase at the Confined 12 exhibition, opening 13th May 2021 on The Torch website and at Glen Eira City Council Gallery.

He currently has four works for sale on our online gallery – one breathtaking painting titled ‘Hunting and Gathering #2’, and three stunning emu feather necklaces.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoy my art and culture.

View Trevor’s work for sale here and the latest works by all our artists in our online gallery.

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