Never Alone

Torch CEO Kent Morris’ ‘Never Alone’, artwork is currently featured on the digital billboard at the intersection of Grey and Fitzroy streets in St Kilda reassuringly reminding Melburnians that they are “never alone”.

During lockdown in Melbourne Kent and his partner Tiff regularly walk the Yaluk-ut Weelam Country (through Elwood) on which they live. While walking during the first lockdown, Kent commonly encountered the Nankeen night heron, which he has featured in ‘Never Alone’, exploring the interaction of native birds in the artificial environment.

“We have a remembered past, an anxious present and an uncertain future. ‘Never Alone’ encourages a reflective response to our current state of existence and suggests that the incorporation of Indigenous philosophies, knowledges and relationships can reshape and navigate a connected pathway forward.”

The public artwork has been installed in the lead up to ACCA’s planned 2021 exhibition Who’s Afraid of Public Space?

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