Future Dreaming: Healing Through Art

Jack* is an established artist who had experienced a lot of success with his visual arts practice.

Unfortunately Jack had been battling some mental health and drug abuse issues over the last couple of years and found himself in prison. He was supported by the Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Worker and Aboriginal Programs staff in prison to engage in cultural practice and arts but expressed a lack of interest in picking up a paint brush again.

When The Torch’s Future Dreaming project was being promoted Jack said that he thought he might be able to do something small and was excited thinking about his future and expressing that through his arts practice, something he hadn’t considered doing before.

Jack was handed the canvas supplied by The Torch and he completed his piece overnight. He felt really good being able to think about things and express himself in a way he hadn’t been able to for so long.

Jack has said that art will now be a part of his therapy, a way to tell his story and share his journey, but not all of it will be for other people. He wants to focus on re-building himself and having art as a means to help him heal.

Future Dreaming …visions of the future is an exhibition of artworks created by Indigenous artists within Victorian prisons during 2021. It is live on our website, enjoy the Online Experience here.

*the artist’s name has been changed for privacy reasons