Future Dreaming….visions of the future

Thursday 29th October 2020
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Future Dreaming…visions of the future is an exhibition of artworks created within Victorian prisons during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

The Torch has faced a range of challenges delivering face to face support to the men and women in The Torch program during the pandemic. In response to restrictions on visiting Victorian prisons, The Torch invited our In Prison program participants to dream of a brighter future and to bring that future to life on a standard 30cm x 30cm canvas.

122 participants across 14 Victorian correctional facilities embraced this challenge and painted a brighter future for themselves, their families, their Country, their communities, and even the world as a whole.

I hope that the future of all our children will change, and that more people believe it’s time we open our eyes, our hearts, our souls for a better future for all who live and walk upon this country, side-by-side and hear the voices from all around the nation. It is time we stood back-to-back and listened to our Elders past and present – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – so that we can stand tall, together as one. One voice. One future. One dreaming. This is my dreaming.

Sheldon B, Murri people


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This exhibition gives a voice to First Nations Australians who are isolated in prison during the pandemic, mirroring the global community’s wish to reconnect with loved ones in a better future.

The 122 artworks showcase works from emerging artists such as Mark C, whose first painting for The Torch (River Dreaming with Seven River Totems) is the key promotional image for this exhibition, as well as seasoned artists like Stacey (Protect and Preserve Cultural Heritage) and Trevor (Hunting and Gathering) both of whom have strong art practices and had consistent sales over the past few years.

All the artworks are for sale and can be purchased online. 100% of the sale price of each artwork goes to the artist.

After purchase, artworks can be shipped to you via Australia Post or you can pick them up from our St Kilda gallery on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Being away from all my family hurts. But when I paint the blue wren it makes me think about the future when we will all be back together. Dreaming about the day all our paths bring us back together on our Country.

Jaye, Gunai/Kurnai people

I see my old footprints in the way that led me to prison. I can see my new family life taking off, full of joy and colour. To be free and to continue on my journey as a proud Aboriginal man, and to learn about myself and to get back to my roots.

David C

It’s important to protect and preserve cultural heritage, to understand our past and teach our children in the future.

Stacey, Taungurong/Boon Wurrung people

Our country has been ravaged by drought, bushfire and now a pandemic, but still it starts to recover, as we will eventually recover.

Daph, Koko-bera people




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