Artist Insights: Ranga

Ranga is a Mutti Mutti/Latji Latji artist, usually residing on Wadawarrung Country. He comes from a creative family, but he only started painting when he joined The Torch In-Prison program in 2018.

His art practice has helped him to learn patience, keep in control of his emotions and connect to culture and people.

When I do my artwork, its my spiritual Ancestors guiding me to create wonderful patterns of positive energy. Specially when I am going through a rough time.

Ranga has sold all 18 works he has produced since joining the program. He uses an ochre-base to create fine-detailed, patterned artworks. His intricate line and dot work (using a paper clip) is awe-inspiring and draws the observer into his paintings for a closer look. His inspiration often comes from his experience travelling around Australia.

My Aunty took me to Lake Benanee to camp a few times when she came to stay. I’ve also been back in the years since I’ve had my licence, as I find it a very spiritual and special place. My Aunty told me many stories when we camped out.

Ranga hopes to reconnect with his family when he leaves prison, and continue his art practice.

As a young fella incarcerated, my dream is to be back with my family and my kids and to try to reconnect with my mother, brother and sister.

Ranga is an impressive young artist, and we encourage you to view his works currently for sale here.