Jeffrey Jackson

Artist Insights: Jeffrey Jackson

Jeffrey Jackson is a Mutti Mutti man from north-west Victoria. Jeffrey is a talented painter with over ten years painting experience. Jeffrey paints about his relationship to his Country, particularly the area of Lake Mungo, Yanga and Robinvale. His palette includes the colours of the sand, the earth and the surrounding landscapes and his designs explore the intricate patterns found there.

Jeffrey’s works have been sold to significant private collectors, the Victorian Ombudsman, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and Monash University.

Knowing Country #2

Jeffery has just released a follow-up to Knowing Country #1, which was featured on trams around Melbourne as part of the 2019 Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program. Please read the story behind Knowing Country #2 below:

Even though Lake Mungo is a dry lake, it is constantly changing. When the wind blows, the sand hills change shape and the designs in the sand change with the sand moving as if it is alive. My painting is about what is not seen, about the old people and the ancient knowledge they held about where water could be found in this ever-changing dry environment. Even though water was not visible above ground, the old people knew where the underground water sources were.

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