Artist Insights: Jeffrey T

Jeffrey T is a Barkindji artist who has been a part of The Torch program for four years.

After his release last year, Jeffrey has been highly active in the community with his art practice and with The Torch directly – working casually in the office and assisting in painting murals.

His bright and colourful paintings of animals signify important moments through his life and his connection to Country.

Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Jeffrey T, Barkindji people
$570 (59 x 88 cm)

‘The wedge-tailed eagle is the totem of the Barkindji people. He is the creator of the land and he watches over the people.’

Sitting Croc, Jeffrey T, Barkindji people.
$770 (54 x 85 cm)

‘Croc sitting still waiting and watching by the water for something to fall in to get a feed.’

Where the Two River Meet, Jeffrey T, Barkindji people
$500 (47 x 78 cm)

‘This is the Darling River and Murray River where they meet together at Wentworth, which is where I was born.’

Long-Necked Turtles, Jeffrey T, Barkindji people
$750 (54 x 86 cm)

‘Long-necked turtle father and son on their journey. Father showing his son how to live and travel over the land.’