30 Leaving Their Mark

’30 Leaving Their Mark’ award winner Kent Morris

Proud Barkindji man and Torch Creative Director Kent Morris has been recognised in Grant Burge Wines’ inaugural 30 Leaving Their Mark awards.

The awards recognised 30 inspiring Australians who are building a legacy of community, culture and innovation. Kent was one of ten winners in the award’s Culture category, thanks to his ongoing work at The Torch creating new pathways through art and culture for First Nations people who have been incarcerated.

“The recent Grant Burge Wines’ 30 Leaving Their Mark award highlighted the work The Torch is doing and provides a forum for people to get involved and become part of the solution by supporting the artists and The Torch,” Kent said.

30 Leaving Their Mark state “By inspiring others with their creativity and ambition, these winners are shifting the cultural dial. They are creating more accessible experiences in the arts, discovering new worlds and giving diverse audiences more opportunities to be creative.”

To read more about the 30 Leaving Their Mark awards, please go to The National Indigenous Times.