The Torch at the 10th International Criminal Justice Conference

22-24 November 2022
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The Torch is proud to partner with the Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) to host the 10th International Criminal Justice Conference. Held over three days at Federation Square, the conference invites guests to participate in a critical conversation to create solutions for a more just and effective criminal justice system.

The Torch presents a special exhibition of works, featuring 17 artworks from 16 artists in our program.

Since 2011 The Torch has been providing art, cultural and arts industry support to Indigenous artists currently in, or recently released, from Victorian prisons through its Indigenous Arts in Prisons and Community program.

Every footstep I take now is connected to the earth. I’d never had much self-confidence but Culture has given me a greater understanding of life. Without it I would have gotten out of jail without direction and guidance. I believe in myself now and found who I really am.

-Ash Thomas, 2022

100% of the artwork price goes directly to the artist.

This exhibition is proudly supported by The Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO).

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Indigenous Australians make up less than 3% of the Australian adult population but represent over 30% of the national adult prison population. This needs to change.

The Torch program supports the development of self-esteem, confidence and resilience, through cultural strengthening and artistic expression. The Torch assists artists to reconnect with culture and earn income from art sales (with 100% of the artwork price going directly to the artist), licensing and projects.

The Torch fosters new networks, as well as educational and creative industry avenues to pursue for post-release artists. By embracing program participants as artists rather than offenders. The Torch provides an avenue for change.

Art gives me an opportunity to feel heard – I think as an Indigenous woman in the justice system sometimes you feel like nobody cares. Art gives me a voice.

– Stacey, 2021



Pulingina. Gawaymbhana. Yaama. Welcome!

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