Future Dreaming … visions of the future

27th October 2022
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Future Dreaming … visions of the future is an exhibition of artworks created by Indigenous artists within Victorian prisons during 2022.

Our In Prison artists continue to be impacted by long lockdown periods as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Future Dreaming gives these artists a chance to envision their future, and bring that future to life on a 30 x 30 cm canvas.

Over 250 participants across 14 Victorian correctional facilities embraced this challenge. This exhibition gives artists an avenue to explore the future they see for themselves, their community, their Country, or even the world as a whole.

100% of the sale price of each artwork goes to the artist.

This painting shows a strong, tall kangaroo who is looking back at his past and time spent in prison. He is ready to move forward with the support of all the brothers he met on his journey and family on the outside. He knows in his heart this time he will succeed! One country, one home, one mob.

Coadz, Palawa people, One Mob, 2022

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Over 250 artworks are showcased, including artworks from first-time artists to those with a more established practice. Future Dreaming is a unique opportunity to see their visions of the future side by side.

After purchase, artworks can be shipped to you via Australia Post or you can pick them up from our St Kilda gallery on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10 am and 4 pm (from Wed Nov 2nd).

The painting goes from dark to light which represents transitioning from my dark past to my bright future. The snake shows that even though my past is still with me and a part of me, I am working my way through it and am learning how to control it, on my path to a brighter future.

Jara, Darug people, Moving to the Future, 2022





Future Dreaming 2022 Timelapse

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