Brokk Yuin people

My name is Brokk, I started painting in 2021. Canvas and acrylic paint are what I currently use, I mainly paint traditional Aboriginal art that include animals and silhouettes.

I was born in Bega NSW in 1994. I am from the Yuin people NSW and started doing Aboriginal painting/art classes run by Fed Uni, otherwise no formal training and am self-taught.

My inspiration is guided by family, animals and tribal. Sharing my artwork makes me feel proud of my culture. It’s a way to escape reality to paint traditional art about my people. I now feel more involved and have more of an understanding of my culture. Albert Namijira inspires me from his inspirational paintings and visits to prison. He does landscape art which I incorporate into my own artwork.

My creative process for the painting involves myself and my daughter going on a journey through the ocean to our future, side by side leaving all the bad spirits and energy behind. Only the highest spirits are with us on our journey.

The greatest achievement is someone wanting to display my artwork at various locations and having people enjoy them. My goal is to sell more artwork to set myself up for the future for myself and my daughter. I would also like to advertise my art in more places so people all over the world can see and enjoy my pieces. In the future I would like to explore new techniques in my work and create unique pieces.