B.J.C Wadawurrung people

B.J.C is a Wadawurrung artist who began developing his art practice in prison in 2021. In this time painting allowed him to connect to his culture, “It was really good in prison and being comfortable yarning with the guys about our culture and learning from one another, and keeping the stories alive and getting them on canvas – making stories into art.” His paintings use colour and dotwork to express stories and messages meaningful to him, with themes of health, harmony, mindfulness and strength frequently engrained in his artworks.

B.J.C thinks art has changed him as a person as he explains “made a calmer me and not worrying about the negative or past focusing on my path for the future and keeping strong.” I think instead of me doing crime, I just stick to myself and family – instead of stealing I just paint, and it helps with my feelings a lot. And I do that for my family.

Since beginning with The Torch he has completed 13 paintings, licensed 2 of his artwork images and exhibited in The Torch’s annual Confined 13 and Confined 14 exhibition at Glen Eira City Council Gallery.