C.V. Wambaya people

C.V. is a Wambaya man currently based in Toowoomba QLD and has been painting since 2019. He predominantly uses acrylic on canvas but has also experimented with painting emu eggs.

C.V. is known for his earthy colours and crosshatching style and has developed his own style of 3D illusion effects.

“It feels natural for me to paint this style; it connects me back to my culture as an Indigenous man.”

C.V. grew up in a broken home and moved from place to place until his was 14 years old when he then moved to Toowoomba to be closer to his grandfather and uncle.

“I have memories of my grandfather painting Aboriginal art, I learnt from my Pop and the way he painted.”

C.V. draws strength and inspiration from his Grandfather who is a Stolen Generation member. His artworks are mostly of water life such as crocodiles, barramundi fish and silhouettes of country.

C.V.’s artworks interpret his Wambaya culture using the style that captures the significance of his people’s dreaming stories and also his own journey.

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