Flick Chafer-Smith Ngarrindjeri people

Flick is a Ngarrindjeri artist and Torch staff member who creates geometric, tessellated paintings inspired from moments in her childhood and stories passed on to her.

Flick thinks her art practice gave her an identity to build on and felt accepted in the world as an artist. Through her art she has connected with her family who live on Country and is always learning more about her culture. It has changed her as a person because she has re-evaluated boundaries that stopped her from attempting things in the past.

'The Torch has given me so much, much more than I ever thought possible. I now have a job because of the Torch, I have a secure income to support my family. I am apart of something bigger, like exhibitions and a team. The Torch has been so supportive of me and I now feel like anything is achievable. When I was in jail, I was identified by my crime, by my crn, by my surname. But now I have my own identity, I am creative, I am an artist, I am Flick. When I used to put my name into google, news reports of the bad choices I’ve made in my life would appear. But now, I have things appear that I’m proud of, because I am a part of the Torch program.'