Stacey Edwards Taungurung/Boonwurrung people

Stacey is a Taungurung/Boonwurrung woman with traditional connections to the Melbourne region. Stacey's grandfather and his siblings were removed under government policies and today Stacey describes herself as a grandchild of the Stolen Generation. Stacey has been living in Melbourne and has been exploring her identity, art and culture more recently as an adult. In 2013, Stacey started working at the Koorie Heritage Trust where she met an Elder who helped her join the dots with her family connections. 'The Elder told me that I am Taungurung/Boon Wurrung. Since that day I don't paint dots anymore. My inspiration is the beautiful designs and patterns from traditional artefacts of my ancestors. Painting diamonds is healing for me. And now I can pass that healing down to my children and future grandchildren.' Stacey is exploring and reclaiming southeast Australian designs through her paintings, referencing concentric diamond designs from traditional shields and clubs from South-Eastern Australia.