Swarm of Bees

I couldn’t sleep one night and my cell mate stayed awake with me too. I told her I was going to graffiti the cell with my bee tag. First thing first, I told prison staff that I did it with nail polish so I wouldn’t get in trouble for using paints from the Koorie art class. They believed me at first, too. I was on the bottom bunk so I started there first, painting the body of the bees on my cell wall. Slowly moving over to the ceiling of the bottom bunk, then I moved onto the roof of my cell and continued painting hundreds of bees down the walls. Every bee was painted perfectly, and every bee had a different expression on its face. Once their bodies were painted, I began detailing their eyes, stripes and wings. It was a lot of surface area to cover but the paint dried quickly. My cell mate was not expecting to see that many bees when she woke up, she saw me begin but had no idea how far I was going to take it. We laughed and giggled. We couldn’t stop smiling at how colourful and perfect all these bees were. After morning count, I started showing all my friends and even tried to sneak in friends from other sections. I had a line of women outside my cell wanting to see what I had done. The guards have to do intercom checks every day to make sure people can call for help in an emerge

× cm | Mixed media | Cat. no: thelmastacey-1-2