Gunadar, the Croc


Dreamtime stories portray an Indigenous understanding of the world, which includes cautionary tales involving animals. One such story is that of Gunadar the Crocodile. Gunadar needed a wife to care for his eggs so he went looking along the shores, where the women bathed their children. He took one of the girls back to his lair and told her he would bring her back one fish everyday, as long as she took care of his eggs. The girl started to miss her family so she escaped the lair and told the men in her village that Gunadar the crocodile stole her. When Gunadar realised, he followed her footsteps back to the village. When he arrived the men speared him, killing him as revenge for stealing the girl. She started to miss Gunadar and thought that he must have loved her a lot to follow her back to the village. She went back to look after the eggs in the lair and when they hatched she told them, ‘man killed your father, so every time you see a man, I want you to eat him.’ This story was told to warn children about the dangers of swimming with crocodiles but also holds greater tale of respect for the animals and the land they inhabit, one we can all learn from.

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71 × 165 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 579-20

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