Future Family Past


This painting has a lot of meaning to me and my past. The father goanna, mother and babies remind me of what I never had growing up in residential care — not having the bond of a mother, father and siblings which plays on my mind at present. I painted this painting with a lot of meaning and to show not only longing for love and family in life for the future but the easiest way to express myself is through my work and painting. The white dots with yellow and red are to explain how many houses I was passed around and shows how unsettling my life was while growing up as a child. The dots and pathways are to show me on the move before being placed in unsuitable housing. This whole painting is best understood with a deep thought of how hard it was being placed with other families and how embarrassing the thought of no one wanting me and what I done to deserve this.

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56 × 80 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 384-20

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