My Cultural Family Tree


This is my interpretation of my family tree. The leaves represent all of my loved ones, my children and future grandchildren. The dots falling from the tree depict all of the people that have passed during my life and the ancestors that came before me, returning to the sacred land to complete the circle of life.

100% of the artwork price goes directly to the artist.

98 × 87 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 1459-21

Unstretched canvas
+ $0
Stretched, ready to hang canvas
$160 incl.
This work is already stretched
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What is artwork stretching?
Your stretched and ready to hang painting will come complete with D-rings, hanging wire, and a small artwork label affixed to the back.

Why can’t I select unstretched canvas?
Some of our paintings are painted close to the edge of the canvas, and don’t have a border wide enough for standard stretching. These artworks will be ‘strip-lined’ with a quality cotton edging. As this is a boutique process, these paintings must be stretched by The Torch and are not available to be shipped as unstretched artworks.

Some paintings may also be unavailable unstretched because they have already been stretched for use in exhibitions.

How much will the artist receive?
100% of the artwork price, set before the stretching and delivery costs are added, is paid directly to the artist.

More information about artwork stretching, shipping costs and timelines can be read here.