This painting is called ‘Survival’ because each animal on this painting was a part of Aboriginal ways. Not only did these animals help keep us alive for the past 400,000 years, they also taught us the way of life, the way of mother nature, and how to hunt to survive.

Each one of these animals also represents all of the different tribes from all over Australia. Every single line on this painting is a story shown and passed down down from our Ancestors and Elders past and present, to help carry on our culture to this day and for thousands of years to come. The snake too goes from animal to animal on this painting and is showing you that no matter what tribe, we always come together, as we like to say: ‘one mob’. Each dot is my connection to my Ancestor’s Dreamtime.

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74 × 62 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 1287-21

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