The Changing Colour of the Barra, Swimming to the Reef


The barramundi spend the start of their lives in fresh water, where they are male, and a dark colour. When they get older and reach maturity, they change sex, live in the salt water in the ocean and change to a silver colour. The smaller fish are eaten by the bigger fish and the biggest fish are prey for crocodiles, so they need to be smart to survive. The barramundi have been a diet staple of Indigenous communities for thousands of years, they are tasty to eat and the skin can be used as a leather. They are survivors, they can live in fresh, brackish and salt water. The fresh water changes colour depending on the season, so the fish have to adapt.

This painting contains metallic paint.

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83 × 120 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 1272-21

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