Ghosts of the Reef


Indigenous Australians have managed the oceans and reefs for thousands of years, but it has taken only 100 years to destroy the land, oceans and the reefs. The whale is the canary in the coal mine for the oceans and reefs. The future does not look good with global warming.

The whales would migrate from Antarctica to the Torres Strait in an annual migration to have their calves in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The warmer water kills the coral and the ecosystem breaks down, so the whale on his own is surrounded by the ghosts of the whales he migrated with for many years in the past. He may be the next ghost and the last whale.

The future is so uncertain. The COVID-19 pandemic, global warming and global economic collapse all cause anxiety among the Indigenous mob.

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30 × 30 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 1196-21

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