The Beginning


This is the first painting which I intend to have both exhibited and sold. This is one of the main reasons I have chosen to name it ‘The Beginning’. It is also the first which I intend on doing with an alien theme. I’ve chosen aliens as the theme for a series of paintings for several reasons. Firstly, alien-type beings and crafts appear throughout the art and mythology of a number of ancient cultures, including Aboriginal culture. Furthermore, I imagine that in colonial times the Aboriginals of the time and the first settlers would’ve appeared as very alien-like to each other, especially the latter to the former. There’s also the issue of how many Aboriginals have become alienated from their culture. These are just some of the reasons I have chosen aliens as the theme for a series of paintings. Ultimately, I am sure that my works will evoke different thoughts and/or feelings in different people. Each will take from them what they will. My hope is that my art will bring some measure of happiness and/or other positive impact to others, and if so, then I believe I am succeeding as an artist and as a person.

This painting contains metallic paint.

100% of the sale price goes directly to the artist.


61 × 69 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 1084-21

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