Kuperee the Black Kangaroo


Once there was a huge black kangaroo called Kuperee who left the tribes in terror wherever he went. Many men died trying to kill him but all attempts to end his reign of terror failed.
Burdamuk, a leader of one of the tribes, had a magical stone axe of great power that he would not let out of his sight, but he was too old to fight a kangaroo the size of Kuperee.
Burdamuk lent his axe to his two sons, Indinia and Pilia. They found Kuperee’s empty campsite and hid in the branches of a tree, waiting in ambush.
When Kuperee returned, the brothers hurled their spears at him but they broke, unable to pierce his thick hide. Enraged, Kuperee rammed the tree, trying to knock it down so he could kill the brothers. He had almost succeeded when Indinia, leaning down from above, struck him a mighty blow with the magic axe, so hard it embedded in Kuperee’s skull, killing him instantly. Elated with their success, the brothers returned home to tell their tribe they could now hunt and camp on the plains and billabong in safety.

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65 × 82 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0832-21

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