The Wedge-Tailed Eagle, the White Cockatoo and the Blanket Lizard


This is the story of Yurumu, the eagle man, his wife Narina and his so-called friend Kilpruruna. Narina was in the forest collecting bush tucker and she offered Kilpruruna a possum but he wasn't hungry. He really wanted her to go into the bush with him.
At first Narina refused, but by persistence and flattery, Kilpruruna finally had his way. Narina was ashamed and told her husband. Yurumu punished his wife but did not let on that he was aware of this treachery. He bided his time and waited.
Kilpruruna thought he had got away with the act until one day they went hunting and gathering. Yurumu sent Kilpruruna up the tallest tree he could find to gather honey from a beehive and Yurumu pushed him out to fall flat on his face. Kilpruruna became the blanket lizard (the frilled lizard). Narina turned herself into the white cockatoo, flying from place to place calling mournfully for Kilpruruna. Yurumu, now the wedge-tailed eagle, searches eternally to find and destroy his wife's wannabe lover, the blanket lizard.

This painting contains metallic paint.

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56 × 71 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0829-21

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