Tiddalick limited edition print (FRAMED)


Tiddalick is a dreamtime story I remember being told as a little girl. The greedy frog drank all the water there was, and the land and the animals began to dry up. So the animals all got together to try make Tiddalick laugh and get the water back. The animals took turns trying to make him laugh but had no success – until the snake did something so funny Tiddalick laughed so hard, all the water came flooding out and replenished the land and animals.

This print is a framed limited edition print of Flick Chafer Smith’s ‘Tiddalick’ painting. The series is limited to a run of 20 prints.

This print is now ready for delivery or collection.

This artwork has been framed by The Torch.

51 × 62 cm | Giclee print on rag paper | Cat. no: 0819-22

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