My Family


My painting represents my family and our Dreamtime from when it began.

This lizard represents me, a Yorta Yorta warrior, a father protecting his own from the crazy world around them.

The baby lizard hatching from its egg represents my son and the beginning of a Yorta Yorta man’s Dreaming as an Aboriginal man.

The egg that hasn’t hatched represents my daughter soon to be born to start her life, her Dreaming with her brother, her protector as they grow up together being each other’s keeper.

The man and woman symbols represent the mother and father of these eggs and honey ants. Being a part of our survival for thousands of years, the ants also represent the strength of our people as they can lift ten times their own weight.

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This artwork is UNSTRETCHED.

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53 × 75 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0744-21

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