Darug Archway


The poles that make up this archway represent Darug totems and animals of the land and the sea. Some fish and turtles we eat and some we don’t. We are taught this through the shape of the fish’s mouth and the patterns on them.
Eels are very important to my Darug people. We have a number of cave paintings representing the Dreaming hero Garangatch, the giant eel, sweeping through the Cabrogal (Liverpool) and Burramattagal (Parramatta) region and upper and lower Darug Country. Garangatch is also commemorated in drawings along stone walls in rock shelters in the Megalong Valley. Both freshwater and saltwater eels were part of my people’s diet. This is why the head piece of these totem poles is the eel – it has played a big part in shaping our river systems and creating the animals and life in and around the Dyarubbin (the Hawkesbury River).

This archway is made from Indigenous Cypress.

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212 × 144 cm | Pokerwork on Golden Cypress | Cat. no: 0568-21

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