Sobriety: Keeping Busy


Two of my sons and I are on an everyday journey together. They are in their late 20s and coming to terms with their addictions. I have been clean and sober for over ten years. Sobriety is the number one priority in our lives now.

This painting is about our journey, locked together, keeping busy, training hard and supporting one another in every way possible. I am sharing some methods I use for my sobriety with my sons. The most effective method I have found in keeping myself sober is to keep busy; physical and mentally training hard and staying positive, taking it one day at a time.

The big campsite in the middle of the painting is my father’s and mother’s place where we have a boxing gym. This is where we train, this is where we come together to support each other.

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This artwork has been stretched by The Torch with compliments.

150 × 150 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0460-20

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