Bunjil Gunyanda Wubin of the Dyarubbin


Gunyanda Wubin of the Dyarubbin is hand carved out of native Blackwood and Mountain Ash. This totem represents the large, feather-tailed gliders of the Dyarubbin (Hawkesbury River) in Darug Country. The sea hawks, sea eagles, sea kites and the wedge-tailed eagle – these totems have always been important and well respected as they show us where the schools of fish are by circling their prey and diving. They have always guided myself and our people through journeys. This is why the Gunyanda has open wings, representing open arms for me and my people. It also rotates 360 degrees to show how we are always guided and surrounded by them wherever we go. Also known as Bunjil, our creator and protector of all you can see.

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91 × 188 cm | Wood Sculpture | Cat. no: 0391-22

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