1988 Australia Day: Educate Yourself to Educate Others


This painting is to remind us that we have a past that many people don’t know about and that many have forgotten. In 1988 a large number of Aboriginal people converged in Sydney in convoys from all over Australia to protest the reenactment of the First Fleet. The protest grew along the way to over 40,000 people. It was the largest protest in Sydney since the Vietnam War. This painting is to remind people that White Australia has a black history. Aboriginal people must realise that our biggest asset is our unity! I had to educate my self to educate others about the murder, massacre, dispossession, slavery and attempted genocide of the Indigenous people of this land. Today the march is still remembered as a day of hope and empowerment — it’s success still brings pride today!

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53 × 61 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0385-20

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