Connection to Bunjil


Connection to Bunjil – birth of the spirit bird that connects us all.

The centrepiece of the painting is the powerful wedge-tailed eagle, Bunjil, the creator and protector of our people and this Country we call home. He travels from the Dreamtime to this land as a spirit bird and is helped by other spirit animals he calls upon to look after the land and the people from generation to generation.

At the top right-hand corner is our sun that warms all that lives upon this land. From this, Bunjil draws his energy and his spiritual powers from our old people dreaming and the land. It mirrors a peaceful relationship with each other – the animals we live with and connect to and our environment that comes from Mother Earth – the sun, the night sky – and all its natural beautiful light.

Towards the bottom is the natural landscape that forever calls to our soul, the people and animals. It also shows the journey that brings us home to Country and connects us all to one another.

This is my Dreaming.

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176 × 85 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0380-21

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