Thultu, Kangaroo Dreaming


This painting is of kangaroos and whirly winds on Barkindji mallee scrub country. Yummu guddu bidjydaa – welcome to God’s Country.

When I was about 11 years old it was my first time hunting Thultu, the big red kangaroo. My Uncle Timmy shot the big red in the chest from about 120 metres away from the old panel van. When we got close to the dying kangaroo, my Uncle Timmy’s mate jumped out of the car and then the kangaroo was up standing on his two paws and leaning on his solid big tail. My uncle’s mate wanted to fight the kangaroo so he started to hit the kangaroo and all of a sudden the kangaroo hit my uncle’s mate like they were really fighting, like the kangaroo was punching back like a real boxer. It shocked me. But then, because the kangaroo was shot and dying, it lay down on the red dust and passed away. So every time I think of a kangaroo I think of that time back in the younger days and my hunting stories.

It took me about 16 months to paint this beautiful kangaroo.

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51 × 83 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0336-21

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