The Gunaikurnai people have a story about a big frog called Jiddelek, long ago. He began to drink the water from the waterholes, then from the creek, then from the river, until there was no water left.

All the animals were thirsty but there was no water anywhere. They called a meeting and decided that one of them should try to make Jiddelek laugh. Turtle and platypus played leapfrog. That didn’t make him laugh. Duck and bird flew around. But that also didn’t make him laugh. Bataluk the goanna strutted his stuff to and fro puffing his stomach. Jiddelek was nearly asleep.

Snake said, “let me have a go.” He started to wiggle, squiggle and dance. He twisted and turned and nearly tied himself in a knot. Then came a rumbling noise from Jiddelek and it grew louder and louder. His mouth opened and he began to laugh. A mighty gush of water came out of his mouth and all the water once again filled all the rivers and waterholes.

This painting contains metallic paint.

100% of the artwork price goes directly to the artist.

This artwork is UNSTRETCHED.

This painting can be stretched by The Torch. Please allow up to three weeks for stretching. For more information please see ‘Stretching, Shipping & Returns’ below.

50 × 77 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0320-22

Unstretched canvas
+ $0
Stretched, ready to hang canvas
+ $110
More information

What is artwork stretching?
Your stretched and ready to hang painting will come complete with D-rings, hanging wire, and a small artwork label affixed to the back.

Why can’t I select unstretched canvas?
Some of our paintings are painted close to the edge of the canvas, and don’t have a border wide enough for standard stretching. These artworks will be ‘strip-lined’ with a quality cotton edging. As this is a boutique process, these paintings must be stretched by The Torch and are not available to be shipped as unstretched artworks.

Some paintings may also be unavailable unstretched because they have already been stretched for use in exhibitions.

How much will the artist receive?
100% of the artwork price, set before the stretching and delivery costs are added, is paid directly to the artist.

More information about artwork stretching, shipping costs and timelines can be read here.