Always Was, Always Will Be


The story to this painting is close to many of my people. We will forever fight for what lies deep within ourselves.

This shows a place of life dreaming and first contact of our people. The three main circles with handprints in them show men, women and children as one, coming into their own dreaming through different stages of life and ceremony and leaving their own footprint through songlines and paintings, dancing and stories.

The three different pathways represent timelines and travelling to a big meeting place to take their place in the community.

The three different patterns of dots represent our country and the distances we have travelled. We stop at certain camping and ceremonial sites along the way to share our stories with each other, young and old, just like our ancestors taught us through dreaming stories and ceremonies which help us walk straight and strong through their footprints.

Always was, always will be Indigenous history behind Australia. This is my dreaming.

100% of the sale price goes directly to the artist.

This artwork has been stretched by The Torch with compliments.

85 × 49 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0301-20

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