The Frilled-Neck Lizard


North of Cape York is Melgi, an island once occupied by reptiles led by Malek, a frilled-neck lizard. They had no fire but could see smoke rising from Papua New Guinea. Malek swam to the mainland to see his sister, Abu, who might help. Malek was fascinated by her fire and how she cooked food. The secret of fire making was guarded by the tribe into which Abu had married but Abu showed Malek four coals glowing between her fingers. “Give me one” he begged. He was so persistent that she gave him one.
Malek put the coal in his mouth and swam home. He was given a tumultuous welcome. Food cooked on the fire was eaten with relish by everyone except Malek, whose tongue had been badly burnt. If you see the tongue of a frilled-neck lizard, it bears the scar that was caused by the live coal Malek carried in his mouth during his long swim from Papua New Guinea to Melgi.

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90 × 60 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0263-21

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