The Lizard Who Came From Nowhere


In folklore, lizards are coupled with goannas as thieves, maybe because they dart into hiding when alarmed. Long ago, a small boy suddenly appeared, a happy fellow, but something was strange about him. The village headman lost a new spear and another his woomera and the boy was the culprit. About to be thrashed, he slipped out of his captor’s arms and grew as high as the trees that surrounded the camp. Then a spear penetrated his heart and he crashed to the ground.

The men didn’t want to bury the giant boy near their camp as the evil spirit that possessed him might find another victim. They covered him with bark and the wise man said that the good spirits might tell them how to deal with the body. When the bark was raised the next day, the boy had vanished during the night, but a tiny four-legged creature with a long tail ran out and hid amongst the stones. Small lizards then became so common that no one ever remarked on them. Nor did anyone, except the village wise man, connect them with the boy from nowhere.

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79 × 50 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0262-21

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