Creation Story of the Crocodile Man


This painting illustrates the creation story of the Crocodile Man and the Bird of Paradise. The Bird of Paradise promised to give the crocodiles something good if they kept the Bird and its nesting place safe. So the crocodiles always kept watch over the Birds of Paradise. While they were keeping watch day and night, two emus came across them and asked the crocodiles, “why are you wasting your time to protect these birds?”. The crocodiles replied, “it might give us its wings one day to fly, who knows?”. The emus made fun of the crocodiles, “Hahaha! We have wings but we still can’t fly, so what makes you think you can fly using the wings of the Bird of Paradise?”. Despite this, the crocodiles never gave up the task and have always protected the birds. Until one day, the Bird of Paradise gave them a son called Crocodile Man who now lives up the Sepik River of PNG. And so the child was raised by the crocodiles with a lot of help from the Bird of Paradise. And that is how the Crocodile Man of the Sepik River came to be.

Look forward to more creation stories and paintings about what happened to the two emus, the Bird of Paradise and the life of the Crocodile Man with his mob later.

This painting contains metallic paint.

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64 × 72 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0193-21

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