Opal Dreaming


This Dreaming story of central Queensland comes from my ancestors, from my great-grandparents and grandparents to my dad. In the Dreamtime, when the world was young, a giant Opal ruled peoples’ destinies. This ancestral being lived in the sky, made laws for living, and dictated punishments for lawbreakers.
The Opal was created through a war between two tribes that had gone on for so long that most of the weapons were broken or lost and the warriors began hurling boulders at each other. One was thrown so hard that it lodged in the sky. As the frightened men watched, the boulder grew until it burst open and revealed the flashing colours of an opal. When the Opal saw the dead and wounded below, its profuse tears of sorrow became a great rainstorm and, when the sun shone on the opal-coloured tears, the surviving men saw their first rainbow. From then on, the people of that area saw the rainbow as a sign that a crime had been committed against the tribal laws and that the Opal was again shedding tears of sorrow.

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58 × 141 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0174-21

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