Flower(z) & Snake(z)



How many times have you stopped to smell the ugly as well as the pretty? Apparently ‘a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet’. Births, weddings, deaths are when they’re gifted to you, your presents!



Cold blooded; Warm hearted; Summer’s heat; Exhausted body; Bed of petals; Breeze on sweat; Lick to touch; Lidless gaze; Parched fangs; Borderless boundary; Coloured spectrum. 


‘el Print De Canvios’

I’m proud to inform you that there is no one title for my painting. My interpretation of this piece has transformed itself into a subject that is part of all our everyday lives. Good vs. Evil. What I see represents both sides on a single square. How you see the square is up to you. My paintings change as you are looking at them; somehow they reflect the emotions of the viewer. Two people viewed this piece at once: one ran away from the fear of snakes, the other smiled and touched the flower. 

©Copyright the artist
Represented by The Torch, Melbourne

91 × 89 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 011-19

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