Pathfinder Ft. Cockatoo (Father) and Tree Kangaroo (Mother)


In this life I am a solitary traveller. I am not in the picture yet. But my creation story starts from the tree kangaroo and the cockatoo. And if I don’t understand the nature of the journey, I will get lost, because life is the only journey that, by default, cannot go in a circle. The agent that doesn’t allow us to go around in a circle is called time. Even today, if I do exactly the same thing I did yesterday, it won’t be yesterday, it’ll be today. And if I plan to do tomorrow exactly what I did today, it still won’t be today, it will be tomorrow. I can’t go around in circles. So where am I headed? Where are you heading? Where is this journey of life taking us?

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This artwork has been stretched by The Torch with compliments.

50 × 66 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 0081-21

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