Elders’ Knowledge


This tells a Dreaming of how our people and the animals survived and travelled throughout the changes of the seasons. The two sets of symbols in the corners of the painting represent our Elders, both men and women. They both know the knowledge of the land and the movement of the land and animals. The four major circles represent the waterholes that were significant places which our people would travel to. Our people were bound to their land by spiritual belief systems deriving from the Dreaming. Many of these Dreamings created the world, our people and our culture and established trade places and a network for ceremony flowing over great distances. The other symbols represent our people’s footprints and the animals who travel here and live which also tell our people of the songlines and spiritual connection to this country. The white and blue dots represent the underground spring life system which helps to feed this land and watering holes for our people on the country we live and dream on. The other dots represent different changes in our land. The markings and symbols in the middle of the painting mean long-distance travel; our people move along these paths throughout the seasons and the Dreaming. 

©Copyright the artist
Represented by The Torc

50 × 106 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 428-18

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