The Creation of Coopers Creek


When the invasion of the settlers began, the WangKamura people called these new people GHunky Darley men  (white people). The WangKamura people did not trust these people so they asked their protector to go and see what these people were doing. The elders told the pelican to fill his beak with water and fish, telling him that he was not to land. The pelican then flew to see what the GHunky Darley men were doing. After pelican saw the GHunky Darly men (white men) he went back to the WangKamura and as he got to a hill at the WangKamura, one of the tribes of the WangKamura people were fighting with, threw a spear that hit the pelican under his wing. The pelican landed on the hill and blood from his wing ran down one side of the hill turning into gold. Water and fish flowed down the other side of the hill and turned into opal, becoming Coopers Creek.

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58 × 83 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 244-17

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