The Long Walk Home


The long walk home is the story of me going home to re-connect with my family, my dad and my brothers, uncles and cousins. I am represented down the bottom of the painting with two clap sticks, making my journey home past waterholes and two seated men. The group of seated men at the top of the painting represents a group of men, my football coach Jim Krakouer who is my grand uncle and the rest of the team mates at the football ground. 

This artwork has been designed with football jerseys in mind (for the Dreamtime game). If this artwork was to be used on football gurneys : instead of the stripe place the feet separately along the front of the jumper going up, also down the back, in red for Essendon and yellow for Richmond. The other symbols could be represented in red and yellow for both teams according to their team gurnseys.

©Copyright the artist
Represented by The Torch, Melbourne

173.5 × 64 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 149-17

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