Goohon-Gurri Dreaming (set of 3)


The story of this dreaming is a collection of knowledge brought together to tell our people’s stories. Through my walkabout I’ve gained many stories and I share this through my paintings. The colours in this background depict the blood stains of our people and the many animals we’ve hunted. This land holds many dreamings, some which are lost, and some which are still passed down from our ancestors. The dreamings of these animals, who roam our land, are of great cultural significance. They are both a dietary source and our totems. They hold great spiritual significance – told through dreaming stories – which connects us to our motherland. The dots and cross-hatching are songlines that connect us to our past. Painted along the top and bottom borders are “scar patterns”, which can be found on certain objects throughout my Country. These objects indicate sacred sites and also let people know where to hunt or look for water, where you can’t go, or where the meeting sites are. The black band with diamonds symbolises stone huts from down south-way. The light blue pattern that goes across this painting is of Water Dreaming, which connects this land to many other nations. The bubbles and reeds are a symbol of life. That’s why I’ve called the English title of this painting, “Blood Sands”. 

124 × 63 cm | Acrylic on canvas | Cat. no: 019-19

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